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Ritual Sing-Song Has Commenced

January 2nd, 2007 + 2:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

As promised by rule number 7 (post number 12) of the thread The Church of Bandamp... the 100th poster of the said thread would be glorified in ritual sing-song around a camp fire.

if ever there is a bandamp get-together around a campfire, this song must be sung in honor of dodosito.  The tune is put/crammed to the tune of the japanese folk song "Sakura."

dodosito, dodosito
One hundredth poster here
These stars will witness ever more,
Smiling faces, marsh-a-mallows
Yet Mud reigns supreme
Now, now
Let's not forget them both



December 18th, 2006 + 7:12 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

I`m not one for telling sappy stories about loved ones, (and I especially won`t do so for attention or sympathy) but sappy stories about loved ones happen.  They just do.  And if they didn`t, then most musicians would be out of a job.  Or, they might write about cupcakes or other noxious junkfoods.

Anyway, to be brief...

I`ve been thinking about what the purpose of our life experiences are.  We are the sum of our total experience, basically, though that typically adds up to a very nasty, variable, indescribable thing.  What is to be done?  What`s it all for?  If one person`s life adds up to more than someone else`s, or is somehow more complex... then so what?  Is that to be admired, or dismissed?  (In case you haven`t noticed, this is question asking time for Mr. TLS right now.)  Should we seek for innocence, or truth?  Do we do this for love, or for our own sakes?  And... am I in love, or am I bitter..?   ..bitter over life`s trials... the difficulties that spin around our heads.

We make promises, but few of them seem to last.  Sometimes it`s not our own fault (or maybe it is, but we refuse to believe such nonsense.).  Sometimes we just simply can`t do anything about the broken words and promises.  I`ve done it myself.  I haven`t lived up to things that I tell people that I`ll be.  But strangely enough, as a result of broken things, we can gain our experiences if we do not choose to be too headstrong.

Are our lives a sum of mess-ups that become redeemed somehow?

That's Mine

October 31st, 2017 + 2:10 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Halloween's here, November's almost here, which means I'll be writing a lot this month and doing little or no music.  So I hammered out a few more ideas the last couple of days to give myself more mood pieces to play.  I'm pretty happy with how this one came together!

Happy Halloween, but only proportional to the celebration of it in your part of the world :P


An Endless Circle

September 30th, 2017 + 5:09 AM  ·  TonightsLastSong

I've been procrastinating some important stuff, trying to get a few new ideas down before I lost the inspiration.  This follows on from Militia Nine and The Spire, but it's sort of a different chapter of the larger story.  I'm still kind of outlining the shape of this story through new songs, but I've got a couple sorted out already.

My drums are always pretty center-aligned and I initially tried playing them wider for this but couldn't get anything to my liking.  I needed them to carry the beat and every time that beat evolved, my badly executed wide drums felt like they were being lost.  So I doubled down on the center sound.  Strings probably need to be chained or just equalized to make more room when they're playing over other stuff, buuuut my ears are numb at this point and I really need to stop procrastinating those other things...

I made it back to Phoenix and had my keyboard again for the first time in about 2 years.  If anyone's to blame for this procrastination, it's the keyboard.

Thanks for the listens and any advice!

Volcano.  Volcanos have no natural predators.  They're pretty convenient for a rogue planet having trouble keeping its atmosphere and heat.  That's definitely important to the setting in this story.  So here's a volcano.


You Knew I Was Poison (August 30d)

August 14th, 2017 + 6:08 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Not a concept track, just being moody and experimental.  I wanted vocals that were probably too blurry to make out all by themselves, but weren't so hard to follow if you already knew what they said.

I've been battling a cold for the last week and a bit, so I didn't actually put more down on this than my first vocal run.  It's pretty close to what I want, but some of the wording/rhythm on the first part should probably be smoothed out.  I probably went overboard with holding the sustain pedal, and so the dynamics are a little sharp in places too.

I guess consider it a draft that I'll table for now!

You knew I was poison
You saw it in me but you reasoned
Things can't be just so black and white
It's plain what I see when we lie alone
with my fingers on your brow and in your hair

I won't see you anymore
I know what I said,
What I said we'd know by now

You can hate me or you say it's good
These things that are nothing short of my blank childhood
Glow-in-the-dark blue,
I'll light up my darkness and find naught but you

I won't see you anymore
I know what I said full well,
What I pretend to know just now


The Spire

July 17th, 2017 + 6:07 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

This one follows from the same concept story as Militia Nine (which I uploaded last month).

The girl and her fairy are rising up off of the broken world of Castille, riding a telescoping structure that is reaching up through the atmosphere.  You're supposed to get a kind of awe-struck feeling from the story as she sees sunlight for the first time, peaking around the curve of the planet.  This is that glimpse of what lies beyond, so to speak (even though the "beyond" here is a whole lot of empty space).


Open marketing

June 23rd, 2017 + 3:06 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

The owner's account started off having some reasonable conversation a while back, but it crossed into spam territory with the last batch of posts.

The links he provides on each post are pretty shameless plugs for a mysterious app that has a paid and a free scheme, and the website he links to is busted.
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