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Ritual Sing-Song Has Commenced

January 2nd, 2007 + 2:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

As promised by rule number 7 (post number 12) of the thread The Church of Bandamp... the 100th poster of the said thread would be glorified in ritual sing-song around a camp fire.

if ever there is a bandamp get-together around a campfire, this song must be sung in honor of dodosito.  The tune is put/crammed to the tune of the japanese folk song "Sakura."

dodosito, dodosito
One hundredth poster here
These stars will witness ever more,
Smiling faces, marsh-a-mallows
Yet Mud reigns supreme
Now, now
Let's not forget them both



December 18th, 2006 + 7:12 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

I`m not one for telling sappy stories about loved ones, (and I especially won`t do so for attention or sympathy) but sappy stories about loved ones happen.  They just do.  And if they didn`t, then most musicians would be out of a job.  Or, they might write about cupcakes or other noxious junkfoods.

Anyway, to be brief...

I`ve been thinking about what the purpose of our life experiences are.  We are the sum of our total experience, basically, though that typically adds up to a very nasty, variable, indescribable thing.  What is to be done?  What`s it all for?  If one person`s life adds up to more than someone else`s, or is somehow more complex... then so what?  Is that to be admired, or dismissed?  (In case you haven`t noticed, this is question asking time for Mr. TLS right now.)  Should we seek for innocence, or truth?  Do we do this for love, or for our own sakes?  And... am I in love, or am I bitter..?   ..bitter over life`s trials... the difficulties that spin around our heads.

We make promises, but few of them seem to last.  Sometimes it`s not our own fault (or maybe it is, but we refuse to believe such nonsense.).  Sometimes we just simply can`t do anything about the broken words and promises.  I`ve done it myself.  I haven`t lived up to things that I tell people that I`ll be.  But strangely enough, as a result of broken things, we can gain our experiences if we do not choose to be too headstrong.

Are our lives a sum of mess-ups that become redeemed somehow?

Jagged Road in the Sky

March 7th, 2018 + 4:03 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Here's a short casual track connected to the others.  I haven't really been representing the "3 minutes of just relax" category very well.  Not everything I make is quite as uppity as what I've been uploading over the last year.

The name for this comes from the story world's setting, where it's night all the time and there are no stars, and instead the sky is blanketed with a station grid of rectangular orbital spotlights.  Lots of them are burned out, blacking out some areas and making angular constellations out of what's left.  One long stretch of still-working lights makes a big "road" that points in the direction of home.



Ad kind of like the last one

January 17th, 2018 + 11:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Looks like underlining to hide the line is popular idea with these last couple 

The Revenge of Something Gentle

January 4th, 2018 + 4:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

In the absence of new song uploads, have an upload!

I'm getting revisions of the source story done and finding holes in the soundtrack that need to be filled in if I'm going to feel good about it!  Most of the tracks will need a style update to match this and the last couple I posted a few months back.

In this one we have a river dreamscape, recommitment to finding the ol' proverbial prize, and a dark place where unseen things lurk.


That's Mine

October 31st, 2017 + 2:10 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Halloween's here, November's almost here, which means I'll be writing a lot this month and doing little or no music.  So I hammered out a few more ideas the last couple of days to give myself more mood pieces to play.  I'm pretty happy with how this one came together!

Happy Halloween, but only proportional to the celebration of it in your part of the world :P

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