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Ritual Sing-Song Has Commenced

January 2nd, 2007 + 2:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

As promised by rule number 7 (post number 12) of the thread The Church of Bandamp... the 100th poster of the said thread would be glorified in ritual sing-song around a camp fire.

if ever there is a bandamp get-together around a campfire, this song must be sung in honor of dodosito.  The tune is put/crammed to the tune of the japanese folk song "Sakura."

dodosito, dodosito
One hundredth poster here
These stars will witness ever more,
Smiling faces, marsh-a-mallows
Yet Mud reigns supreme
Now, now
Let's not forget them both



December 18th, 2006 + 7:12 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

I`m not one for telling sappy stories about loved ones, (and I especially won`t do so for attention or sympathy) but sappy stories about loved ones happen.  They just do.  And if they didn`t, then most musicians would be out of a job.  Or, they might write about cupcakes or other noxious junkfoods.

Anyway, to be brief...

I`ve been thinking about what the purpose of our life experiences are.  We are the sum of our total experience, basically, though that typically adds up to a very nasty, variable, indescribable thing.  What is to be done?  What`s it all for?  If one person`s life adds up to more than someone else`s, or is somehow more complex... then so what?  Is that to be admired, or dismissed?  (In case you haven`t noticed, this is question asking time for Mr. TLS right now.)  Should we seek for innocence, or truth?  Do we do this for love, or for our own sakes?  And... am I in love, or am I bitter..?   ..bitter over life`s trials... the difficulties that spin around our heads.

We make promises, but few of them seem to last.  Sometimes it`s not our own fault (or maybe it is, but we refuse to believe such nonsense.).  Sometimes we just simply can`t do anything about the broken words and promises.  I`ve done it myself.  I haven`t lived up to things that I tell people that I`ll be.  But strangely enough, as a result of broken things, we can gain our experiences if we do not choose to be too headstrong.

Are our lives a sum of mess-ups that become redeemed somehow?

Open marketing

June 23rd, 2017 + 3:06 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

The owner's account started off having some reasonable conversation a while back, but it crossed into spam territory with the last batch of posts.

The links he provides on each post are pretty shameless plugs for a mysterious app that has a paid and a free scheme, and the website he links to is busted.

Militia Nine (June 30d)

June 15th, 2017 + 2:06 AM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Hello!  I think you'll find this month's song a little closer to the "this is just loops" end of the spectrum.  I've made a few songs this month in this style for a new project, and I wanted them to feel like a original soundtrack to the story they accompany.

This is a concept track like pretty much all I do anymore.  In this case, a woman is seeking out a militia that has gotten lost in a rather hostile wilderness.  She and her little fairy thing are headed to Militia Nine's location now that they've spotted them.  This is a world where you have a sort of "broken technology" vibe, and I really liked trying to use the sort of narrow, lo-fi piano with the guitar and ambient stuff to give the track some width.

The time signature is 3/4 in this one, which was a breath of fresh air after so many 4/4 that I've done.  I think the drums might be a little strong in the mix, so perhaps I'll revisit it in the future.

Thanks for listening!


Bad ampersand entities in URLs

June 2nd, 2017 + 9:06 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Posts such as the following have a YouTube link with the ampersand incorrectly turned into html entities:

Such that the link points to:

The URL isn't quite right anyway, since it seems to make a download instead of taking you to a page, but the ampersand doesn't help :P

One Star At A Time (May 30d)

May 15th, 2017 + 2:05 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Hello friends~

This is a concept track for the epilogue of a fantasy/sci-fi book.  It's in three fairly distinct parts, one for each of the three storylines that is wrapped up by the book.  From the outside it might make the track look a little too busy.  That is probably valid criticism, but it was definitely part of the idea from the outset.

Wait For Me, Beacon (0:00-0:45)
The beginning (and refrains) are from the point of view of Odessis.  She's crashed a starship but she's on the path to getting what she wanted.  A sort of classic "the end is really the beginning" thing with a pinch of neurotic determination.

They Owe You Their Lives (0:45-2:01)
The second part is Djet and Cohmindra standing in an open field, looking out over a sprawling refugee camp.

I'll Follow You (2:18-3:22)
The third part is Diokris.  She's stranded in a mind-bending place but she (finally?) knows which way is forward.  Being alone is better than dead.

The graphic is from some commonly used imagery in the 2016 anime film adaptation of the book Your Name.
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