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Ritual Sing-Song Has Commenced

January 2nd, 2007 + 2:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

As promised by rule number 7 (post number 12) of the thread The Church of Bandamp... the 100th poster of the said thread would be glorified in ritual sing-song around a camp fire.

if ever there is a bandamp get-together around a campfire, this song must be sung in honor of dodosito.  The tune is put/crammed to the tune of the japanese folk song "Sakura."

dodosito, dodosito
One hundredth poster here
These stars will witness ever more,
Smiling faces, marsh-a-mallows
Yet Mud reigns supreme
Now, now
Let's not forget them both



December 18th, 2006 + 7:12 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

I`m not one for telling sappy stories about loved ones, (and I especially won`t do so for attention or sympathy) but sappy stories about loved ones happen.  They just do.  And if they didn`t, then most musicians would be out of a job.  Or, they might write about cupcakes or other noxious junkfoods.

Anyway, to be brief...

I`ve been thinking about what the purpose of our life experiences are.  We are the sum of our total experience, basically, though that typically adds up to a very nasty, variable, indescribable thing.  What is to be done?  What`s it all for?  If one person`s life adds up to more than someone else`s, or is somehow more complex... then so what?  Is that to be admired, or dismissed?  (In case you haven`t noticed, this is question asking time for Mr. TLS right now.)  Should we seek for innocence, or truth?  Do we do this for love, or for our own sakes?  And... am I in love, or am I bitter..?   ..bitter over life`s trials... the difficulties that spin around our heads.

We make promises, but few of them seem to last.  Sometimes it`s not our own fault (or maybe it is, but we refuse to believe such nonsense.).  Sometimes we just simply can`t do anything about the broken words and promises.  I`ve done it myself.  I haven`t lived up to things that I tell people that I`ll be.  But strangely enough, as a result of broken things, we can gain our experiences if we do not choose to be too headstrong.

Are our lives a sum of mess-ups that become redeemed somehow?

Cover of Mega Man X2 Zero

January 28th, 2017 + 9:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

This is one of my favorite video game songs ever.  Its a Super Nintendo riff that is seriously no more than 15 seconds long and set to repeat, but the emotional context was huge.  It was the first time the game series stole away one of your allies and made you fight him head to head.

It could probably use some adjustments, but I love the core!  All of the remixes out there never satisfied me, so here is mine.

Here is a faithful reproduction of the source material (you have been warned, it is literally like 15 seconds on repeat)

Annabelle Slept

December 21st, 2016 + 8:12 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Here is something a touch less dramatic than that last one.  I felt like I should probably not make Catatonic my holiday submission (!)

Merry Christmas boyos.


Catatonic Was Nicer

December 18th, 2016 + 4:12 AM  ·  TonightsLastSong

This composition is a little bit screwball.  Its a concept track for being half nuts and getting the (scary) real and the (comforting) imaginary mixed up.

Probably should have done this around Halloween.


Plosive Little Bubbles

September 20th, 2016 + 5:09 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

After I experimented with the last batch of electronic stuff, I had an itch for something deliberately beepy and suggestive of the 8-bit chip tunes.  This is obviously shares nothing substantial with that era of music, but I had a lot of fun making it with memories close at hand of the original Mega Man titles.

There may or may not have been a fond recollection of the trouble I had as a kid jumping on bubbles and platforms that burst or fall once you touch them, and the many stressful hours I probably spent getting the timing just right.  The Megaman 5 stage for Wave Man where you have to ascend vertically on bubbles probably broke my tiny spirit a hundred times.

I do these things in batches and so I dont spam them all here, but if you want you can find the others in this batch here:  As a general rule, they are single-sitting recordings but sometimes I come back and fix one up if I felt like I did it an injustice.


Ten Years of White & Gray

August 15th, 2016 + 7:08 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

I made eight of these electronic tracks, making my second pass on a few now that I have had some time to analyze them.  This one stands out in the collection for having prominent sections that are less upbeat.  It also landed squarely in the center of what I imagined when I started, without needing a rework like a couple of the others.

I may not be great at strings yet, but this was my first honest shot at trying to use them underneath the piano.  (I will forever remember the awful synth keyboard I owned years ago that had the standard Piano+Strings voice, the sound of which probably single handedly drove me away from using strings with piano until this.)

Thanks for listening, lovely people.

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