Admin help with account details

May 10th, 2018 + 2:05 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Could I get someone's help in deleting the links on my profile? The delete buttons seem broken and editing just adds a new link instead.  I'd like to clear the section out for personal reasons.

Relatedly, patching up that delete button would be nice 


Jagged Road in the Sky

March 7th, 2018 + 4:03 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Here's a short casual track connected to the others.  I haven't really been representing the "3 minutes of just relax" category very well.  Not everything I make is quite as uppity as what I've been uploading over the last year.

The name for this comes from the story world's setting, where it's night all the time and there are no stars, and instead the sky is blanketed with a station grid of rectangular orbital spotlights.  Lots of them are burned out, blacking out some areas and making angular constellations out of what's left.  One long stretch of still-working lights makes a big "road" that points in the direction of home.



Ad kind of like the last one

January 17th, 2018 + 11:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

Looks like underlining to hide the line is popular idea with these last couple 

The Revenge of Something Gentle

January 4th, 2018 + 4:01 PM  ·  TonightsLastSong

In the absence of new song uploads, have an upload!

I'm getting revisions of the source story done and finding holes in the soundtrack that need to be filled in if I'm going to feel good about it!  Most of the tracks will need a style update to match this and the last couple I posted a few months back.

In this one we have a river dreamscape, recommitment to finding the ol' proverbial prize, and a dark place where unseen things lurk.

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